Beyond the EDGE

Updated: Jun 28

My new NFT “Beyond the EDGE” looks at an existing sculpture that currently adorns the streets of Saint Petersburg Florida. The sculpture was created by New York-based, Israeli-born artist Ilan Averbuch and was named “The Sun on the EDGE”. This is in full display on Central Avenue at 11th Street. The whole piece is nearly 30 feet tall and is intended to evoke multiple concepts — the sunrise/sunset, a flower that opens and closes as the viewer walks around it, and a wheel or gear that celebrates the EDGE District’s character and industrial history.

The NFT “Beyond the EDGE” looks beyond the naked eye into a portal that allegedly opens other dimensions of our Universe. The portal allows extraterrestrials to visit us and drop some fruitful gifts and lessons to assist us poor underdeveloped terrestrials on the wonders of the Universe. This particular alleged visit was focused on the repulsion of the Republican Party (GOP) from our St. Pete. shores by opening our minds to democracy, inclusivity, tolerance, science, and some much-needed love towards one another. Apparently, the news is traveling beyond our little planet Earth and other beings are perplexed by how our planet and its Homosapien habitats have learned nothing from their short past history and mistakes made along the way.

“Beyond the EDGE” captured one of these interplanetary visits from some creatures that looked a lot like our city’s mascot; the pelican. Supposedly some types of mushrooms were left behind for our consumption in the hope to open our minds to the wonders of the Universe. If you see one of these little mushrooms around our city please do not hesitate and eat it immediately. If possible try and save a couple of the mushrooms for any republicans you may know.

I hope you enjoy watching Beyond the EDGE. If possible watch it after eating one of the mushrooms.

PS: I had some technical sound difficulties during this recording. Please feel free to create your own sounds in your head while watching.

Take a look --> Beyond the EDGE

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