Updated: Jun 28

I was 13 years old on my first field trip during junior high school shortly after migrating from Portugal to the United States. I started in the middle of the 7th-grade semester. I did not speak English very well and stayed in the same grade for over one year to catch up.

New Hope, Pennsylvania, was the destination of my school field trip from New Jersey, where I was going to school. It was a big deal for me. This day was probably one of the most influential and eye-opening days of my entire life. The first time I saw other people living the life I never imagined possible, gay people surrounded me. The term “gay” was not in my vocabulary, but that did not matter. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone in New Hope was gay, but I indeed became aware of my superpower: Gaydar.

I made a promise to myself that I was going to move and live in New Hope. New Hope was a gay-friendly town in Bucks County’s breathtaking countryside. This artsy village buzzed with creative energy, an independent spirit, and a sophisticated casual vibe I had never experienced before.

Shortly after my incredible field trip, I painted “Me and You (*you and me).” This miniature painting may not be worthy of praise by a sophisticated art critic, but it is my masterpiece, acknowledgment, and acceptance of my truth. I could not get this experience out of my mind, and it changed the way I looked at this world forever.

Me and You is my first NFT. Take a look --> Me and You

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