Typewriter Tattoos

Writing poetry is almost an impossible task (for me), yet I am fascinated by the figurative language that sometimes does not seem to make any sense when read. I never wrote a poem, but Giovanny Cerro has written lots and lots of poetry.

Giovanni does not have any problem writing poetry, and he turned it into his passion and business (www.giostypos.com). Over the past few years, he has written thousands of poems for people on topics centered around healing, but not limited to newborn babies, following chapters, pets, sex, addiction, and anything else you can imagine. All his poems come on the back of some incredible piece of paper. He uses a vintage Hermes 3000 typewriter littered with typewriter tattoos or better known as stickers.

You can find Giovanni popping up with his typewriter during events around the Saint Petersburg area in Florida, sitting on a small chair facing his typewriter placed strategically on a tiny table. He waits patiently until some curious soul approaches and strikes a conversation. Giovanni then asks the stranger to give him a phrase or word that becomes the basis of composing a unique poem. A few minutes later, he hands you the torn national geographic paper littered with stickers and words of wisdom, and off You go with your poem.

I am amazed by Giovanni and his talent. I am also the proud owner of my Gios_Typos poem that I'm sharing with all of you.

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